Martin Wisbey (Vocals & Bass Guitar)

Martin Wisbey (Vocals & bass Guitar)

Martin Wisbey (Vocals & bass Guitar)

Wiz first took up the bass when he was 13 years old, with his first ever gig taking place at school at the age of 14. That was way back in 1981. From there he started gigging in pubs when he was 17. His first pub band was called ‘Out of Touch’.

In 1987 he joined another band called, ‘3 AM’. That lasted about a year until he and the singer joined forces with some chaps from another band, and formed ‘Roadhouse’, a band that had a fantastic reputation and a great following on the local scene.

Wiz also played bass for ‘Tickled Pink’ for a short time and 18 months later went on to do a 60s duo which turned into a group called ‘The Crack’.  He also sang in an originals band called ‘Hope n Glory’ which had some local success.   They won a battle of the bands and did some great shows. From there he formed ‘Scandal’ with his brother Clive, until 639 shows and 6 years later they called it a day.

He then embarked on some stints with ‘The Big Bang’, ‘The Little Alligators’ and ‘Mental Floss’, until he got the call to join ‘Live n Kickin’.  Wiz played for Live n Kickin’ for nearly 8 years, actually on guitar and backing vocals, followed by a year of lead singing before he left to concentrate on reviving Scandal.

During the LnK and Scandal years Wiz also played in a Police Tribute called ‘The Police Squad’. After Scandal came Aftershock and a new Police tribute ‘The Policed’.

In June 2015 Wiz got the call to help out in Live n Kickin’ and jumped at the chance to help his friends out. Initially taking on the role of singer, but in the first half 2016, he has played bass guitar along with singing lead vocals. In the 2nd half of the year, with the rejoining of Steve on lead vocals, Wiz is back to mainly bass duties but does lead vocals on 5 or 6 songs each gig.

Just in case you’re still awake, his bass gear is a Fender Precision from about 1973, a Fender ‘Flea’ signature bass,  Ampeg amps and Mark Bass speaker cabs, with Rotosound Swing bass strings; simple but effective.  His favourite film is  ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, favourite food is Indian and favourite drink is an Italian red wine from Piedmonte called ‘Nebbiolo’.